Our award winning ales







Our award winning ales

We offer a large selection of drinks at The Black Horse.

Please ask a member of staff for our entire selection of Ales, Wines and Spirits. 


Our Drinks lists



Our Drinks lists


Stowford press cider (4.5%)


A refreshing medium-dry sparkling cider that is bursting with the delicious flavour of crisp cider apples.




Estrella damm (5.4%)


Estrella Damm has been brewed using the original recipe  from 1876, the result of a combination of barley malt, rice, and hops. 100% natural ingredients.



Fosters (4.0%)


A light-coloured lager style, it presents full malt character with a balanced clean hop bitterness. Combined with a slightly hoppy, but yeasty/malty nose, Foster's lager is a full bodied beer with excellent drinkability.




Moretti (4.6%)


A bottom fermented beer with a golden colour. This colouring is a result of the type of malt used in brewing.




Kronenbourg lager (5.0%)


Kronenbourg 1664 is a lager with a noble history, characterized by its fine taste. Its golden hues and delicate bitterness come from selecting the best hops (the Strisselspalt), and the unique know-how of one of the French master brewers.




Meantime anytime ipa (4.7%)


A true Session IPA, this beer is packed full of hop flavour with a lower ABV to create a very drinkable beer with a low bitterness.



Guinness (4.2%)


Rich and creamy. Distinctive, Ruby Red colour. Velvety in its finish. Our most iconic beer was developed in 1959 by our brewers’ and launched as a celebration of the 200 years anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing his 9,000-year lease.



St Austell tribute (4.2%)


The beer of South West sport: Tribute is shirt sponsor of Somerset CCC and Cornish Pirates Rugby Club, proud partner of Gloucestershire CCC and has close relationships with both Plymouth Argyle and Exeter City football clubs.



Harveys best (4.0%)


A superbly balanced bitter with prominent hop character.  Using a blend of four local hops, water filtered through the Sussex Downs over 30 years, and Harvey's unique 60 year old yeast strain, Harvey's Best Bitter is the embodiment of Sussex.



Adnams ghost ship real ale (4.5%)


Ghost Ship is a ghostly pale ale which takes its inspiration from Adnams 600-year-old haunted pub, The Bell. Brewed with a selection of malts - Pale Ale, Rye Crystal and Cara.