If you suffer from any type of food allergies please speak to a member of staff, who will be happy to advise you of the ingredients of all the items on the menu. 


Available until 9pm Monday – Saturday and 6pm on Sunday. Please order at the bar



10-inch white baguette served salted crisps


(available daily until 5.30pm)



Stilton, Mushroom & Bacon £4.95


BBQ Pulled Pork & Onion £4.95


Tuna, Mayonnaise & Cucumber £4.95


Sausage & Onion £4.95


Cheese & Salad £4.95


Fish Fingers & Ketchup £4.95

Jacket Potatoes


Served with a fresh garden salad



Cheese & Beans £5.95


Chilli con Carne & Sour Cream £5.95


Sour Cream & Chive £5.95


Tuna & Mayonnaise £5.95


Bacon & Cheese £5.95


BBQ Pulled Pork £5.95

The Market Inn's Classic Fish and Chips


Monday to Sunday 11.30am – 5pm


2 for £15 or 1 for £8.95



The Market Inn’s Classic Fish and Chips £9.95


Sussex ale battered fish and chips, served with garden peas, tartare sauce and lemon wedge



Our burgers come complete with homemade coleslaw, on a toasted brioche 

bun, with a choice of sweet potato fries or chunky cut chips


Maybe try some cheddar or stilton, bacon or onion rings as an extra – 0.60p each


Classic Homemade Beef £9.95


With tomato, salad leaves and burger relish

Spinach & Falafel ( V ) £9.50


with guacamole, tomato and salad leaves

Bacon & Chicken Fillet £10.50


With mayonnaise and melted cheese

BBQ Pulled Pork £8.95


mixed with grilled onions and served with leaves

Light Bites


For any allergies, please speak to a member of staff

Bowl of Chips £3.50


with melted cheddar £4.00

Garlic breaded mushrooms £4.95

Calamari £5.95

Sweet Potato fries £3.95

Onion Rings £4.95

Garlic bread £4.00

Hot ‘n’ kickin wings £5.95

Side salad £3.95

Sharing plates


Nachos £5.50 / £7.50


Smothered in melted cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream for one, or two 


Add chilli con carne for an extra £1.75/£2.95

For the Vegetarians £8.95


Selection of spring rolls, samosas, onion 

bhajis, breaded mushrooms and onion rings

For one or for two.


Add chilli con carne for an extra £1.75 / £2.95




Fresh avocado and olives, finished with a balsamic glaze and mozzarella, served with root veggie crisps 

Fisherman’s Catch £19.95


Beer battered fish goujons, wholetail scampi, smoked haddock & spring onion fishcakes, coconut prawns and battered calamari, served with homemade coleslaw and chunky chips


Bowl of Chips £3.50


with melted cheddar £4.00

Sweet Potato Fries £3.95

Side Salad £3.95

Garlic Bread £4.00


with melted cheese £4.50

Onion Rings £4.00

Crusty Bread Roll £0.50

Classic Favourites



Gammon Ham, Eggs and Chips £11.50


A British classic pan-fried gammon steak, served with fried eggs, garden peas and chunky cut chips


Steak & Ale

Chicken, Ham & Leek

Root Vegetable

Sausage & Mash £10.50


A trio of sausages served with creamy mustard mash, garden peas and a rich gravy, a choice of:



Glamorgan (v)

Shortcrust Pies £10.95


Served with a choice of mashed potatoes or chunky cut chips, garden peas and rich gravy, choose from:


Steak & Ale         

Chicken, Ham & Leek

Root Vegetable (v)

Wholetail Scampi £9.95


A true pub classic, served with chips and fresh garden salad

Roasted Vegetable Lasagne (V) £9.50


Layers of pasta filled with a rich tomato sauce and roasted vegetables, covered with cheese and served with garden salad and garlic bread

Hunter’s Chicken £11.95


Succulent grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, melted cheese & BBQ sauce, served with garden salad, and a choice of mashed potatoes, or chips

Chicken & Bacon Club Sandwich £9.50


Double decker toasted sandwich with chicken fillet, bacon, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and mayo. Comes with chips as well!

Daily Specials



Check out our specials board for today’s specials and our homemade soup!


Children’s Menu available. Please ask at the bar