Our award winning ales







Our award winning ales

We offer a large selection of drinks at The Wheatsheaf.

Please ask a member of staff for our entire selection of Ales, Wines and Spirits. 


Our Drinks lists



Our Drinks lists


Morretti (4.6%)


A bottom fermented beer with a golden colour. This colouring is a result of the type of malt used in brewing.



Blue Moon, Coors Brewers Ltd  (5.4%)


Blue Moon® Belgian White* was our first year-round release back in 1995. It started with our brewmaster, Keith Villa, wanting to craft a beer inspired by the flavorful Belgian.



Doom Bar, Sharp's Brewery Ltd (4.0%)


Doom Bar Bitter is named after an infamous sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary in North Cornwall.



Erdinger Alkoholfrei (0.5%)


For those who don't want to miss out on the delicious taste of wheat beer, though, the solution is ERDINGER Alkoholfrei.



Estrella Damm (4.6%)


150 years ago, London brewers had to import Californian hops to meet demand for the popular Pale Ale beer style.



Goose Island ipa (5.9%)


This classic ale adds a fruity aroma, set off by a dry malt middle, to ensure that the long hop finish is one you’ll remember.



Guinness (4.2%)


Pravha was created by the legendary brewers of Staropramen, who were inspired to create a lighter tasting pilsner.



Beaver Town Neck Oil  (4.3%)


A light, punchy beer where extra pale base malts are used to retain crispness and give the hops a great platform to dance on.



Landlord, Timothy Taylor & Co. Ltd (4.3%)


The drinkers' favourite, a 4.3% classic pale ale with a complex citrus and hoppy aroma.



Camden Hells (4.6%)


The one that started it all for Camden Town Brewery: The Hells Lager. Notes of lemon, orange and some spicy herbs are complemented by sweet caramel and biscuity notes from the malts. Finishing crisp, dry and clean.



London Pride, Fullers (4.1%)


In recent years its popularity has grown to the extent that it is now Britain’s leading premium ale: a welcome fixture in many pubs and off licences around the country, and now winning new friends abroad.



Peroni (5.0%)


Italian lager.



Pravha (4.0%)


Pravha was created by the legendary brewers of Staropramen, who were inspired to create a lighter tasting pilsner.



Samuel Adams Boston (4.9%)


Since 1984, Samuel Adams Boston Lager has used only the finest hand-selected ingredients to create this perfectly balanced, complex and full-bodied original brew.



Budvar (5.0%)


Classic Czech beer.



Harry Sparrow, Aspall Cyder (4.6%)


Harry Sparrow Classic English Cyder was created to honour the man who was Aspall’s Cyder maker for over 50 years from the early 1920’s. It reflects the rich and diverse styles of cyder Harry enjoyed both making and drinking.



Wyld Wood, Westons (6.0%)


Traditional very Moorish organic cider.



Tall Horse Sauvignon Blanc, Tall Horse (12.0%)


A brisk white wine with a dash of herbaceous grassland aromas and flavours that race across the palate stretching to a lively fresh finish.



Tall Horse Merlot (12.0%)


Good ruby colour intensity with generous ripe plum and spice on the nose. A silky smooth lush entry with pleasing soft ripe fruit flavours and well incorporated oak notes.



Gordon's Gin (37.5%)


House gin. Double offer available.



Hendricks and Fever Tree Tonic (41.0%)


Classic premium gin.



Hoxton Gin (40.0%)


Expect coconut and grapefruit flavours.



Grey Goose Vodka (40.0%)


 Every aspect of the creation of grey goose is focused on crafting the world’s best-tasting vodka. It begins with the selection of the very best ingredients from France: soft winter wheat and gensac spring water. 



Oban (43.0%)


Single malt Scotch Whisky.



Sailor Jerry (40.0%)


Spiced Rum.



Bells Scotch Whisky (40.0%)


House scotch whisky. Double offer available.



Jack Daniels (40.0%)


 Jack Daniel’s is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the top-selling American whiskey in the world.



Patron XO Cafe (35.0%)


 Silver Tequila Coffee Liqueur.